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The Mobile Telecommunications and Cellphone Industry is both complex and extremely fast moving. Two major drivers move the industry – advances in technology and user demand. The risks to any cellphone manufacturer, cellphone service provider or retailer are enormous.

Lacuna Management Services has been formed to provide consultancy to the cellular industry throughout Africa on the entire cellphone value chain.

Dave Rapson, founder of Lacuna Management Services, has extensive experience in the Mobile Telecommunications and Cellphone Industry.Through a network of industry experts, associates and consultants Lacuna can provide consultancy on all areas of telecommunications.

Specific consultancy services include:

  • Identification of Strategy and Future Trends
  • Market Research and Validation
  • Assistance to Start-up Operations
  • Establishment of Supply Chain Management Processes
  • Integration of Operations
  • Interim Management of Operations
  • Mentoring and Incubation
  • Problem Resolution Training

Lacuna Management Services will bring broad experience and industry insight to bring sanity, effective procedures and control to ensure that every link in the cellular value chain is optimised.

Contact us for more information on how we can assist you.

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