Consultancy Services

Identification of Strategy and Future Trends

Problems in the industry

Experience Research

Effective solutions

Market Research and Validation

Ongoing research into industry trends

Handsets, software trends, infrastructure

Assistance to Start-Up Operations

Feasibility studies

Creation of roadmap

Establish processes and procedures

Establishment of relationships with manufacturers and other role players

Negotiation and contracts

Supply chain management procedures

Integration of processes

Value chain establishment and monitoring

Recruitment and training

Processes designed to be adaptable for changing conditions

Establishment of Supply Chain Management Processes

Group or Central Procurement


Inventory (negotiation, procurement, control)

Marketing, sales and promotions

Synchronisation and integraton

Elimination of inefficiencies

Adaptable programmes

Manufacturers roadmap

Training Integration of Operations

Effective forecasting of trends

Synchronisation of marketing, sales and promotions

Integrations of all operations in the supply and value chains

Avoidance of inventory write-offs through obsolescence

Interim Management of Operations

Interim management services allow a start-up or existing Cellular Operator, Provider, Manufacturer or Retailer to establish or regain control of vital operations. During the interim management period the business can be put on a sound footing and staff can be positioned to take over. This includes:

  • Investigation of existing procedures
  • Implementation of structures and procedures
  • Ongoing mentoring and training
  • Caretaker management
  • Staff recruitment, training and handover
  • Change management procedures 

Mentoring and Incubation

Not sure what to put here or if it is really needed

Problem Resolution

Investigation of problems

Supply chain and inventories

Staff issues (recruitment and training)


Marketing and promotions


Identification of roles and responsibilities

Establishment of staff and training needs

Training programmes

Assistance with recruitment

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