Lacuna Management Services was formed to operate within a perceived gap in the Mobile / Cellular Industry which has grown exponentially within Africa in the last 15 years. Being a young industry that has grown at the rate that cellular has, the skills pool is not as well established as with older industry sectors. Cellular has evolved into a highly complex environment that requires the entire value chain from manufacturer through the Mobile Operator down to the end consumer via the Retail outlets to be flexible and aligned with constant feedback ensuring that the right products and packages are available timeously and in the required quantity to maximise sales whilst minimising obsolescence, recalls and write downs. Wikipedia reference: Generally, a lacuna is a gap. The term may refer to:

  • Lacuna (manuscripts), a missing section of text
  • Lacuna (music), an extended silence in a piece of music
  • Lacuna (linguistics), a lexical gap in a language
  • Lacuna (law) is the lack of law or of a legal source addressing a situation
  • Lacuna (histology), a small space containing an osteocyte in bone or chondrocyte in cartilage
  • Lacuna model, a tool for unlocking culture differences or missing "gaps" in text
  • Lacunar amnesia, in psychology, amnesia about a specific event
  • Lacuna (geology), a large gap in the stratigraphic record, sometimes called a hiatus or unconformity
  • Petrovsky lacuna, a region where the fundamental solution of a differential equation vanishes
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